Finding a job

Finding a job

Finding a job can seem intimidating when you think about  all the different stages you need to work through – searching, applying and interviews to name a few.

Don’t be daunted – take it one step at a time. The Career Centre and Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre websites have some resources to assist you.


Job search resources

The following resources from the Career Centre website can help you plan, prepare and get organised for your job search.

Take a look at the Career Centre's Job search guide for lots of useful information and helpful hints, including how to put together a successful resumé and writing job applications.
Job Search Guide

Our 10 step job search plan can help in your search for work. Having a plan helps you to set goals for what you want to achieve, and to be organised and effective in your search for work.
10 step job search plan

Our guide to being prepared and getting organised can help you know what you’re looking for, where to look for it, and how to find it.
Be prepared, get organised guide



Resources and support for Aboriginal jobseekers

Your local AWDC can help you with your job search. You might need an up to date resumé, and there will be job applications to write. You might also discover that you need to upskill by undertaking some study or a qualification. Sounds like a lot of work, right? It can be, but the AWDC can help you every step of the way. Our AWDC team has helped hundreds of Aboriginal jobseekers in Western Australia choose a career path and find employment. We're dedicated to helping you be successful and reach your goals.

Our website has a range of resources to help you choose a career path and get your CV or resumé together. There’s also lots of useful information including stories of other people’s career and jobseeking journeys. Take a look at the jobseekers section of the AWDC website, or get in touch so we can talk about how we can help you.

Support for jobseekers
Get in touch with your local AWDC



The AWDC jobs board

The AWDCs work with employers to find great job opportunities for Aboriginal people and post them on our free online jobs board, ready for you to browse on our website.

If you register with the jobs board we'll send you an email notification whenever a job vacancy comes up that matches what you're looking for – plus you'll get an online space where you can save your CV/resumé, references, job applications or portfolio.

Check out the AWDC jobs board
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