Plan for success

Plan for success

  • Where do I start?

    If you’re not sure where to begin, you should try out the Career Centre’s Where do I start to get an idea of what stage of career planning you’re at.

    To keep track of decisions you make as you get started with career planning, you can create a free account on the Career Centre website. With your account, you will be able to view all your ideas and results from working through the career planning tools and resources and you can come back to your plan at any time to update or change it.

    Once you have worked through the tools and resources on the Career Centre website, you might want to explore some of the occupations that interest you to learn more about your training options.

  • What occupations are out there for me?

    Looking for a new job or a change in career? Do you want to know how much you could potentially earn, whether you might need some new skills and whether there are many opportunities in this field/industry? Do you know what direction you want your career to take or are you still figuring it out? Knowing what’s out there and what might suit you can help you focus on what career path you want to follow.

    You might also want to know things like:

    • the employment prospects for a variety of occupations;
    • how much you could get paid in different roles or industries; and
    • what skills or training you might need to get started in a particular occupation.


    If you’d like to learn about the skills and typical qualification pathways for a particular career, the Career Centre website currently has over 560 occupational profiles to browse, and over 100 occupational videos to watch. You can also view all of our occupational tools and resources or find out about employment trends.

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    Employment trends
    Occupational videos  
    Occupational profiles
  • Education and training options

    As part of your career planning process, you might identify some qualifications that could help you to get into the work area that interests you.

    Sometimes there are multiple education and training pathways into a particular occupation, so you may need to consider different options.

    You could also consider an apprenticeship, traineeship or cadetship as a great way to kick start your career.

    The Career Centre can help you work through the range of options available and find something that matches up with your career goals.

Page last updated December 15, 2016