Since 2007 ApprentiCentre has provided a range of support services to employers and apprentices including recruitment assistance, advice on training options, and monitoring apprentice progress. However, changes are needed to make way for new Commonwealth Government services that start on 1 July 2015.

The Commonwealth-funded 'Australian Apprenticeship Support Network' will deliver a new generation of services, focusing more strongly on provision of advice and mentoring support to both the apprentice and the employer, throughout the course of an apprenticeship. Preferred AASN tenderers were announced by Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Assistant Minister for Education and Training on 27 April 2015 and the list is available here.

To avoid overlap, the State Government will reshape its own apprenticeship services. From 1 July this year, the WA Department of Training and Workforce development will concentrate on the administrative and regulatory functions set out in the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996. This will create a clear line between the State's legislated responsibilities and the Commonwealth's support services.

Because the new Commonwealth services will offer face-to-face support for apprentices and employers in all regions across WA, the State's eight regional ApprentiCentre offices will close and future State activities will be managed from Perth. ApprentiCentre will be restructured and rebranded accordingly.

Affected stakeholders will be contacted directly in due course to provide further information on these changes and their impact.

For further information please contact: 13 19 54



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