Choosing a training course

It is important to have the right skills and qualifications in today’s environment. Training gives you practical skills which employers are looking for, giving you a greater competitive edge over others who don’t have a qualification. A higher level qualification may also increase your career prospects.

Training courses are developed with the input of industry leaders to ensure graduates are ready for the workplace and have the knowledge and skills for the job. Each stage of a course requires an increasing level of skills and knowledge. There are pathways and links between course levels to increase opportunities for further education and training.

The right course can mean the difference between getting a good job that you enjoy or having to take second best or perhaps not getting a job at all. The range of training on offer in TAFE colleges and private training providers is staggering. There’s everything from the traditional in-demand trades as well as the creative arts to extremely specialist hi-tech training in the areas of computing and information technology.

You can search for courses offered by TAFE colleges and private training providers here.

If you know that you want to do a full-time State Training Provider course and you know what course you want to do, then go to TAFE admissions.  

If you need more advice on what type of course to choose contact Career Centre on 13 23 98.​

Last modified: 12/04/2016 3:29 PM

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