Choosing a training provider

Choosing a training provider

If you have already decided what area of study you want to pursue, your next step is to find a training provider that offers the course or qualification you’re interested in.

There are over 500 registered training providers across Western Australia, and together they offer more than 1 000 nationally recognised VET courses and qualifications, and access to a range of traineeships and apprenticeships.


Registered training providers

If you’ve chosen an accredited vocational education and training course, look for a training provider that’s registered by the WA Training Accreditation Council or the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

This means they are registered to deliver VET training that:

  • is recognised by all registered training providers throughout Australia;
  • is part of a training package or accredited course that has been developed to meet the needs of a particular industry; and
  • results in a qualification that is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Often you will find that a course is offered by more than one training provider. In these cases, you’ll need to look at what each provider offers and choose the one that you feel can offer you the best quality training, with experienced trainers and good facilities.

To find out more about the important things to look for when choosing a training provider, check out this useful information from ASQA. It includes a checklist that you can use to help with your choice.


WA TAFE colleges

Key changes have been made to Western Australia's TAFE system, which is now delivering new choices to students, industry and the community. A network of five WA TAFE colleges has been established, with 70 campus locations and specialist training centres located across Perth and all regional areas from Albany in the south, to Kalgoorlie in the east and Kununurra in the north. Together, these TAFEs offer over 900 VET qualifications covering a diverse range of industry areas and occupations with courses available full time, part time, on campus or online.

To find out more about what your local TAFE can offer, check out their website via the following links.

nmtafe_smaller2.jpg nrtafe_smaller2.jpg crtafe_smaller2.jpg srtafe_smaller2.jpg smtafe_smaller2.jpg

Read Changes to the WA TAFE colleges to find out more.



Private training providers

There are a number of private training providers registered to deliver nationally recognised qualifications to the Western Australian community, and a large number of these private providers offer courses that are subsidised by the Department under Jobs and Skills WA. Private providers also offer a wide range of courses on a full-fee paying basis.

Private providers can offer very flexible delivery strategies, and niche programs designed for their specific industry partners. They can also offer training and support programs designed specially for disadvantaged groups.

Page last updated December 03, 2016