Types of fees

Types of fees

There are three types of fees that training providers can charge; course fees, resource fees and other fees.

  • Course fees

    Course fees are determined by multiplying the applicable course fee rate by the nominal hours for each unit in the course that you enrol in.

  • Resource fees

    Resource fees are charges for materials or resources that are essential to a course or unit but you don’t have to purchase them yourself.

    For example, if you are required to use specialist safety equipment such as protective clothing for a nursing course – the disposable gowns, masks and gloves would be supplied by the training provider but you would pay for these through your resource fees.

  • Other fees

    Training providers may charge students other fees for items that are non-essential to the course; for example, car parking or a security pass.

    These fees will vary, and in some cases will not apply.

Page last updated December 19, 2016