Foundation skills and equity courses

Foundation skills and equity courses

The State Government is committed to supporting students of all ages and backgrounds to develop language, communication, literacy and numeracy skills that will help to build confidence and improve their ability to be successful in both study and employment. This support is provided through two key strategies:

  • foundation skills courses that focus on language, literacy and numeracy, and employability skills such as teamwork, problem solving, self-management, digital literacy and using technology – all key skills requirements for success in both training and the workplace; and
  • equity courses that support people with disability and people seeking courses that are aligned with their culture; for example, a qualification specialising in Indigenous Australian tourism.

Through Jobs and Skills WA, these courses are subsidised by the State Government so that you pay only a small fee.

Our Jobs and Skills WA page has more information on foundation skills and equity courses, including a list of the courses that are available.


Priority foundation skills courses

There are two fee-free priority foundation skills courses – the Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills and the Course in Underpinning Skills for Industry Qualifications.

These courses do not result in a separate qualification, rather they provide support to students who need additional assistance to successfully complete their vocational qualification and develop the skills needed for the workplace.

Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills

CAVSS provides additional support to build literacy and numeracy skills as part of a vocational training program. Through CAVSS support, students revise and develop their mathematics, reading, writing and communication skills.  Students learn to make the connection between these skills, and where and how to apply them to vocational training and workplace situations.

Course in Underpinning Skills for Industry Qualifications

The USIQ course provides additional time and specialised teaching to groups of students who do not yet have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete their vocational qualification and participate effectively in the workplace. The course helps students to develop, consolidate and apply a range of social, communication, mathematical, technological, cultural and problem-solving skills.

Further information

If you feel you may be eligible for these courses, please speak to your registered training provider for more information prior to enrolling in a vocational qualification, as not all providers are approved to deliver these priority foundation skills courses.


Page last updated December 21, 2017