Learning support and assistance (Participation program)

Learning support and assistance (Participation program)

The Department funds a range of support services for students through its Participation program courses. Registered training providers who are approved to deliver courses in this program may offer support and services such as mentoring, counselling, assistance with meals, transport, child care, language and literacy to help people access and attend training. The program also assists with support for job seeking, resumé writing and work experience for eligible students.

We have invited selected Government and community organisations, which assist people in a range of life or work issues, to be brokers to help us promote this training. A referral from a broker will assist students in getting access to additional support. Students can self-nominate if they meet the eligibility requirements.

During 2015–2016, over 5 900 people in WA were supported through the Participation program.

Please read the following information to find out whether you may be eligible for services under the Participation program, see the available courses that offer this support and what you need to do to get started, including how to access a Participation program broker for a referral to a training provider.

Page last updated December 03, 2016