Statistics and the WA data standard

Statistics and the WA data standard

The Department collects and reports a range of statistical information to track engagement and measure the outcomes of vocational education and training in Western Australia. Funded training providers are required to report enrolment activity according to the rules of the Western Australian VET enrolment data standard, which incorporates the full national standard (AVETMISS for providers) plus additional State requirements.

For current reporting, view the technical specifications of the VET enrolment data standard version 8.0.B04
(updated March 2018)


VET enrolment data

The Key VET enrolment statistics report shows a summary of all training funded by or through the Department, including funding categories, age group, disability status, level of education and training provider. Please note that VET enrolment data is not directly comparable with the apprenticeship and traineeship contracts data available below – the two different data sources are not statistically compatible and should not be combined.


Student satisfaction survey

The Student satisfaction survey is used to measure the quality of service provided by Western Australia's TAFEs and to gain a better understanding of their customers and their needs.

The latest (2017) survey shows 87.3% of students were satisfied with their course. Students experienced the highest levels of satisfaction with the quality of lecturers (85.8%), how convenient the training provider’s location is (82.3%) and how likely it is that the course will lead to a job / career (81.7%).

The three most important factors when choosing where to study were the location of the training provider (31.7%); the quality of the course (10.5%); and the flexible course options (10.3%).

For more information on the student satisfaction rates, you can read the Student satisfaction survey 2017: WA State report. To request reports from previous years, please use our online enquiry form.


Apprentice and trainee contract data and reports

Apprenticeship and traineeship statistical reports are prepared in December, March, June and September of each year, and will be published on this website once noted by the Minister for Education and Training.

If you would like to see reports from previous years or periods, please email your request to

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