Training in Western Australia

Training in Western Australia

Whether you’re still at school and considering your options, looking for the right course or training provider, seeking recognition for skills and experience you already have, considering an apprenticeship or traineeship, or wanting to study in Western Australia, we can help.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to have the right skills and qualifications. Training gives you practical skills which employers are looking for, giving you a greater competitive edge over others.


The Department's role

The Department of Training and Workforce Development is the government agency responsible for managing vocational education and training in Western Australia. We do this by:

  • managing public resources in the State vocational education and training system;
  • planning, funding and monitoring publicly funded training;
  • administering the apprenticeship and traineeship system in Western Australia through our Apprenticeship Office;
  • coordinating and implementing professional development across the training system; and
  • providing advice on curriculum.

Key reforms recently implemented by the Department include:

Did you know...

In the period 2015–2016:

  • the Department funded over 130 000 enrolments in vocational education and training, including over 38 000 apprentices and trainees, across almost 300 public and private registered training organisations, and

  • over 88% of graduates achieved employment after completing their VET course.

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