Training pathways

Training pathways

Vocational education and training is a great pathway on to other things – whether that’s your first job or a change in career, or maybe a higher level qualification or getting into university. The training pathway you choose will depend on your current situation, the goals you want to achieve, and the type of qualification you are doing.

Pathways to university

Completing a VET qualification can move you towards a higher level qualification or getting into university, where entry to some courses can be very competitive. A training pathway through VET may also reduce your study load and/or the length of your university course, and minimise your HECS debt. Some VET qualifications, particularly those at Advanced Diploma to Graduate Diploma levels, may make you eligible for advanced standing or course credit.

Your training provider will be able to tell you more about how university pathways work and whether your chosen VET course is suitable. You should also look for information on the university websites to see what the eligibility requirements are, as each university will have different guidelines depending on the course and/or study area you’re interested in.

Curtin University Edith Cowan University


        Murdoch University The University of Notre Dame


The University of Western Australia


Pathways through recognition of prior learning

Sometimes it can be difficult to prove your skills, experience and abilities to potential employers. Depending on your background, you may be able to have your skills recognised through recognition of prior learning.

RPL may help you complete a nationally accredited VET qualification sooner, which can boost your resumé, open doors for new employment opportunities or lead you to further training.

RPL involves an assessment process that looks at:

  • any previous study you’ve done;
  • the work experience you have;
  • your life experiences; and
  • your skills and knowledge.


Training providers offer an RPL option for a range of qualifications.

For more information, speak to a training provider.

You can also read this RPL fact sheet.


Pathways through recognition for overseas qualifications

If you have qualifications and skills  obtained overseas you may be able to have them recognised in Australia. Our team at Migration Services has a specialist team in the Overseas Qualifications Unit that can assist migrants who are permanent* or temporary residents of Western Australia with recognition of their overseas gained qualifications and skills.

The OQU can assess post-secondary qualifications including:(HR-RGB)-Migration_Services_0.jpg

  • formal technical and vocational qualifications (Certificate IV and above); and
  • formal higher education qualifications (bachelor degree and above).

This is a free service available only to Western Australian residents.

To find out more about recognition of overseas qualifications, visit the Migration portal.

*Permanent Residents (including 309, 310, 820 and 826 visa holders)

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