Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS)

Introducing WAAMS

The Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS) online client portal, launching 14 May 2018, will deliver significant benefits, including improved access to view and manage training contracts and greater flexibility to manage your personal details and/or those of your organisation. For most types of training contract changes, WAAMS will enable the digital submission of the requests (either individually or in bulk), replacing the current requirement to submit PDF forms by email, and resulting in much faster response times from the Department. In most cases, instant approvals to requests made in the client portal are possible.


A note about TRS
WAAMS will replace the current Training Record System (TRS) and as a consequence TRS will be decommissioned after WAAMS is released. On the day WAAMS is launched, all stakeholders currently using TRS will receive an email invitation to create a WAAMS client portal account.


Instructional videos

The videos presented here have been produced by Apprenticeship Office to assist clients and stakeholders in using the new WAAMS portal.

If you have any queries, or require assistance, please contact us on 13 19 54 or via email to apprenticeshipoffice@dtwd.wa.gov.au.

Introducing WAAMS

This short video introduces the new Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS) portal. 

You'll see an overview of how WAAMS looks and works, and its key features. 

WAAMS introduction for organisation representatives (employers, AASNs, RTOs)

This video shows the WAAMS portal view when logged in as an organisation representative such as an employer, an AASN or a registered training provider. 

It explains the information presented on the home page, shows you the main menu items and options, and demonstrates how to view and edit organisation details.

It also shows how to view an organisation's contracts as well as notifications of recent events such as approved contract changes, completions, expiries and terminations to training contracts.  

WAAMS – Overview of training contract changes

This video provides an overview of the types of training contract changes that are available in WAAMS.

It shows the menus and navigation through the portal, and takes you through some example changes to demonstrate functionality of the portal. 

Produce or reject a training plan (for RTOs)

This video demonstrates how to produce or reject a training plan via the WAAMS online portal.

Upgrading a superseded qualification (for RTOs)

This video demonstrates the process of changing a superseded qualification to its replacement qualification on a training contract, via the WAAMS online portal.

WAAMS Notification of completion of the training contract (for RTOs)

This video demonstrates how to process a completion of the training contract, via the WAAMS online portal.


Exporting data from WAAMS to Excel

This video demonstrates how to export data out of the WAAMS online portal, into an Excel spreadsheet.



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