The WA State Training Plan

The WA State Training Plan

Section 21(1)(a) of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996 requires Western Australia’s State Training Board to prepare for the Minister's approval a State training plan. This plan contributes to the policy and purchasing direction for the State’s training system for the short to medium term. The State Training Plan is developed each year within the context of current State and national vocational education and training policies, commitments and agreements.

In addition, a range of inputs feed the plan including:

  • analysis of economic, labour market and demographic data;
  • industry consultation and advice, regional advice; and
  • other relevant research and reports.

The current 2015–2018 WA State training plan identifies and recommends the following training investment priorities for Western Australia.

  1. Occupational priorities – a continued focus on apprenticeships and traineeships, priority industry qualifications and essential foundation skills.
  2. Youth – a continued focus on foundation skills training and stronger emphasis on pathways to higher level qualifications and/or employment.
  3. Under-represented groups – a continued focus on foundation skills training and emphasis on training for Aboriginal people, people with a disability and those living in regional and remote areas.
  4. Ageing population – a continued emphasis on training for health and community services occupations.

For more information about the WA State Training Plan, please visit the State Training Board website.

Page last updated February 09, 2017