Individuals, students and parents

Individuals, students and parents

Here we have put together a collection of quick links to information in our website about training and career development that may be useful for individuals, students and parents.

Select one of the following topics to see the quick links.

Please note that all information regarding training and career development is now on the Jobs and Skills WA website at

If you need information that you're unable to find on the website, please use our online enquiry form to contact us.


    Vocational education and training

    Choosing a course
    Provides information about how VET works, what study options are available, and what the different qualification levels mean, to help you choose the right course. There's also an online course search to help find what you're looking for.

    Finding a training provider
    With over 500 training providers in Western Australia, there's a lot of choices about where you do your training. This information explains how training providers work, and what to look for when choosing one.

    Find out about apprenticeships and traineeships
    If you're thinking about starting an apprenticeship or traineeship, this information tells you what you need to know and who you need to talk to.

    Options for secondary students
    Did you know you can do a VET course while you're still at school? Here you can find out what types of training are available for secondary students, and how VET training works with your WACE.

    Foundation skills and equity courses
    To be successful in both study and employment, some students need a little extra support. Foundation skills courses support students of all ages and backgrounds to develop language, communication, literacy and numeracy skills. Equity courses promote equality of opportunity in gaining access to vocational training and/or employment. Here you can find out more about these courses.

    Participation program
    The Department funds a range of courses that offer support services for eligible students; such as mentoring, counselling, assistance with meals, transport, child care, language and literacy to help people access and attend training. The program also assists with support for job seeking, resumé writing and work experience.

    International students
    Information for international students who want to study at a WA TAFE college or public school.

    Fees and charges
    Different fees and charges apply for VET courses; depending on what kind of course you choose and whether it's subsidised by the State Government. Here you'll find information on the fees and charges that apply to VET courses in WA.

    How to apply and enrol
    Information to help you apply for and enrol in your chosen course. Information about the USI is also available here.

    Information about opportunities to receive a scholarship for training, which may cover all or part of the course of your VET course, is provided here.


    Career planning and development

    Planning your career
    Having a career plan is your first step to success.

    Future employment outlook
    Western Australia is rapidly growing and changing, offering a range of employment opportunities. Find out what industry areas are forecast to grow over the coming years.

    Finding a job
    Looking for a job, or a career change? Find out how we can help.

    Assistance for migrants
    Migration Services provides a range of services and information for people migrating to Western Australia.


    For apprentices and trainees

    If you are currently doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, the following information may be helpful.

    Forms and fact sheets from the Apprenticeship Office
    The Department's Apprenticeship Office registers and administers training contracts, and regulates the apprenticeship system in Western Australia. If you need to make a change to your training contract, you'll find fact sheets and forms here to help.

    If you have to travel and/or stay away from home to attend training, you may be eligible to claim for this allowance.

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