Jobs and Skills WA

Jobs and Skills WA

Jobs and Skills WA

As Western Australia’s economy grows and diversifies, the outlook for jobs is constantly changing. Jobs and Skills WA is the way the State Government, through the Department, prioritises its investment in training to focus on courses that equip people to take up jobs that are, or will be, in high demand. Priorities include apprenticeships, eligible traineeships and priority industry qualifications.

Many other important industry qualifications are also subsidised under Jobs and Skills WA, including general industry training courses and foundation skills and equity courses. Full details of priority training areas and subsidised training courses are available on the Jobs and Skills WA website.


For training providers

Jobs and Skills WA encourages healthy competition among providers and offers enhanced choices to students and employers.

Under Jobs and Skills WA, contracting arrangement processes have been streamlined and strengthened to support greater quality training provision. The focus is on efficient and effective selection and management of contracted private registered training organisations.

All information for training providers, VET practitioners and schools can be found in the Training providers and schools section of this website.

Page last updated February 09, 2024