The Pre-traineeships program

The Pre-traineeships program

The Pre-traineeships Program (PTP) is an exciting initiative that offers students the opportunity to gain valuable industry-based skills, knowledge and experience through a combination of on and off the job training. The program also provides potential employers with an opportunity to provide work placement to students, and access program graduates who have been screened for suitability to work in the sector and can offer core skills identified as critical for new entrants.

Currently the program is being conducted as a pilot for two newly developed qualifications in Aged Care and Disability Support, providing potential new entrants with industry specific training, combined with time in a real work place to gain skills, knowledge and behaviours that could lead to an indentured traineeship and set up a career pathway.  The Department is working closely with the Community Services Health and Education training council to assess the program, with a view to extending it to other industry areas following the initial pilot.

Please browse the following resources for an overview of the PTP.

Further information about the pre-traineeship courses is available on the Jobs and Skills WA website

Page last updated January 22, 2021