VET qualifications register for secondary students

VET qualifications register for secondary students

The VET qualifications register for secondary students provides industry advice for schools and RTOs on the suitability of qualifications for secondary students and delivery requirements to meet industry standards. Please note that the register is of an advisory nature only and does not override or replace training package requirements. Visit the website for training package information.

The register aims to assist schools and RTOs to select qualifications that are more likely to be completed by secondary students or help them to transition effectively to further training or employment.

View the VET qualifications register for secondary students for the 2024 school year

ADDENDUM — 2023 SCHOOL YEAR (September 2022)

Following a review by the Department, in collaboration with the WA industry training councils (ITCs), an additional 11 (eleven) qualifications were added to the Register for the 2023 school year. 

View the Addendum to the 2023 Register here

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