Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office (WADIWO)

What we do

The Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office (WADIWO) was established in May 2019 as an outcome of the Advancing Education, Training and Skilling Strategy, part of the Western Australian Defence and Defence Industries Strategic Plan launched by the Premier in 2018.

The WADIWO has been co-located with the Department of Training and Workforce Development since May 2021; working closely and collaboratively with Defence West and education and training providers, and capitalising on the Department’s comprehensive workforce planning and holistic labour market analysis expertise. The Office receives input from WA’s defence industry to undertake workforce analysis and planning; lead in the formulation of defence industry workforce development plans, initiatives and strategies; and identify future workforce needs and skilling priorities across all five domains of defence capabilities – air, land, space, maritime, cyber and information — in the Commonwealth Government’s Defence 2020 Defence Strategic Update and 2020 Force Structure Plan.

Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office
Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office
Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office
Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office
Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Office

How we work

The defence industry’s workforce demand profile is established through WADIWO’s industry consultations, surveys, workshops and forums.

Skilling solutions and workforce development strategies are developed through WADIWO’s leadership, in collaboration with WA’s world class education and training providers including universities as well as other key stakeholders in the skilling eco-system such as Engineers Australia and the Logistics and Defence Skills Council.

Our work is governed by the WA Defence Strategy Steering Committee. It forms a part of the strategic deliverables and operational objectives of Defence West, a specialist defence industry branch of the WA State Government's Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI).

WADIWO, through the Department, is also a member of the WA Defence Advisory Forum; the Joint Department of Defence/WA Government Henderson Taskforce; the Defence Science Centre’s Nuclear Submarine Workforce Sub-Committee; the Joint WA Nuclear-powered Submarine Program Steering Group and the co-chair of its subordinate Workforce, Skills and Education Working Group.

We regularly provide advice on the implementation status for WA defence industry workforce development initiatives and skilling matters of a strategic nature.


What we have delivered

WADIWO’s analysis and planning work on the defence industry workforce to date has provided the WA State Government with a good understanding on the defence industry’s workforce demand and skilling requirements over the next five years across all five domains of defence capabilities.

Our work is reflected in the State Government’s major steps to future proof the State’s sovereign workforce, with a significant investment in education and training to support the growth of defence industry workforce — this includes $35 million investment in direct workforce development support dedicated to the defence industry, which has already generated more than 430 new apprenticeships in the sector since October 2020.


WA Defence industry workforce development plan

WA Defence industry workforce development plan

The Western Australian Defence Industry Workforce Development Plan 2022—27, developed through WADIWO and released by the State Government in November 2022, consolidates the strategies that have been committed to position WA for the pipeline of defence projects. The plan details the WA Government’s key initiatives including a new $11 million workforce development package announced as part of the WA State Budget 2022—23 to ensure skilled paraprofessional and professional workers are available for defence industry projects now and into the future.

Defence Industry Workforce Development Plan 2022—27

Initiatives and programs

WADIWO is actively supporting the ongoing development of WA's defence industry workforce through the implementation of a number of exciting initiatives and programs from 2022 through to 2026. Targeted towards development of a skilled workforce, they will create new opportunities for training, jobs and careers.  For further information about these initiatives and programs, and about opportunities in WA's defence industry, please visit the Jobs and Skills WA website.

Go to jobsandskills.wa.gov.au/defence


Contact WADIWO

If you're a WA company involved with the Australian Government’s defence projects, we would like to better understand and support your workforce development needs.

Please get in touch with us via email to wadiwo@dtwd.wa.gov.au.

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