Being an ambassador

Being an ambassador

As a WA Training Awards winner or finalist, you’re an ambassador for training in Western Australia. This means your success in your training and through the WA Training Awards serves as an inspiration for others to follow a vocational education and training pathway.

As a WA Training Awards winner, you may be invited to participate in many activities over the coming 12 months, including but not limited to:

  • photo and video shoots promoting your achievements;
  • media opportunities (speaking with local press, radio and online journalists);
  • panel discussions;
  • WA training forums;
  • national and state conferences;
  • judging for your category in 2020;
  • professional development days for 2020 winners; and
  • industry/VET sector events.

Should you also win your category at the Australian Training Awards in November, you’ll be invited to promote the sector on a national scale through a variety of additional activities.

By sharing your experiences, advice and knowledge, you can encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to consider how vocational education and training could benefit them and potentially change their lives. In addition, you may be able to inspire employers and training providers to review their training methods and continue to make improvements.

Ambassadors for training come in many shapes and forms. All WA Training Award finalists and winners, both in the individual and organisation categories, have a story worth sharing. You never know who might be listening and how this could expand their horizon.

Visit the WA Training Awards blog to read more about our training ambassadors.

Page last updated February 04, 2019