Changes prioritise WA workers

Premier Mark McGowan announced today that a new list has been developed that contained 18 occupations where there is a genuine need to attract overseas workers. The new list only contains occupations where there is a genuine need to attract overseas workers. The 2016 Western Australian skilled migration occupation list included 178 occupations such as engineers, bricklayers and nurses. These workers could be sought from overseas despite WA's soaring unemployment and, in many cases, local workers who are capable of carrying out the work. In areas such as health, where there is an unmet demand for workers, these occupations will still be eligible for State nomination based on the new WASMOL.

The McGowan Government has also delivered its election commitment to remove Perth from the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, paving the way for more jobs for Western Australians. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wrote to the Premier confirming that the Federal Government had agreed to Mr McGowan's request to have Perth removed from the RSMS.

Since it was added to the RSMS during the height of the mining boom in 2011, Perth has been classified as a 'region', providing an additional pathway to obtain a visa to work in Western Australia. Given the change in the State's economic circumstances and with widespread unemployment, it is no longer suitable for Perth to be included in the RSMS.

You can view the new WASMOL here on the Migration portal website.

The full media statement is available from the State Government's Media Statements website.

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Page last updated July 28, 2020