ECA WA pledges support for WA Training Awards 25th year

The Electrical and Communications Association of Western Australia (ECA WA) hs been involved in the WA Training Awards for almost ten years. This year, the organisation has pledged its support for the program as the major presentation dinner sponsor in the Awards' 25th year.

In 2010, ECA WA won its first WA Training Award as the WA Small Training Provider of the Year. Just four years on, the organisation had expanded so significantly it took out the title of WA Large Training Provider of the year in 2014. Since then, ECA WA has been a big part of the WA Training Awards, has has been recognised each year as a finalist for their exceptional initiatives that continue to benefit industry and students alike. "ECA WA is committed to quality training, investing in the student experience from pre-apprentice through to apprentice and our post-trade students. Our RTO, the College of Electrical Training, works with industry stakeholders to ensure that training is current, flexible and agile to meet the ever changing needs in the electrotechnology sector." said Carl Copeland, Chief Executive Officer of ECA WA.

With a focus on high quality training and work outcomes for its students, and a highly skilled workforce for the electrotechnology industry, ECA WA has also supported the WA Training Awards as a sponsor of the WA School-based Apprentice of the Year since 2016. In 2019, the WA Training Awards celebrates its silver anniversary, and ECA WA were the first to put their hands up and support the program and the major event sponsor for 2019. "ECA WA has enjoyed a long association with the WA Training Awards, and it was a natural fit for us to show our commitment to the training industry by sponsoring the Awards this year." said Mr Copeland.

This year also marks a new focus for ECA WA, which is committed to continuous improvement to strive for excellence in the training delivered and the outcomes provided. "ECA WA is working with industry to promote greater participation by females in the electrotechnology sector. Attracting females of all ages into the trade is a priority, to ensure that we can meet the needs of the sector. As Industry 4.0 and 'the internet of things' flows through, removing barriers to employment, and encouraging diversity in industry, will allow our workforce to grow and adapt to these needs."

We would like to thank ECA WA for their generous support of the WA Training Awards this year.

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Page last updated July 28, 2020