Free access to myfuture

The website (myfuture) is a national career information service, managed by Education Services Australia (ESA) aimed primarily at school students, school leavers, and those assisting young people. It is designed for use by students, teachers, career practitioners, parents and carers, and offers a variety of tools, information and resources to assist with career planning and development. Access to myfuture is now free for all Western Australians.

Jobs and Skills Centres (JSC) Career Engagement officers (CEOs) use a suite of online resources and tools to tailor their support and guidance to the needs, age and career development stage of each client. This ensures that career changers, upskillers and reskillers, jobseekers, school students and school leavers receive personalised support and can gain the most benefit from the JSC’s. The myfuture website will now be added to this suite of online resources.

Jobs and Skills Centres can also provide support to students wishing to use the myfuture website tools and resources for career planning, as well as free information and assistance with training options and jobseeking.

There’s 15 JSCs across Perth and regional WA — call your local centre on 13 64 64 or find out more here.

Page last updated October 07, 2022