Introducing Jobs and Skills WA

Since 2013, Future Skills WA has been the way the State Government, via the Department of Training and Workforce Development, prioritised its investment in training and procurement of training delivery services through a funding and policy framework aligned with State priority qualifications. The WA Labor Government’s new Plan for Jobs initiative is a major election commitment to help create new jobs for Western Australians. It outlines plans and strategies that represent a significant re-focus on creating new jobs in a broader range of industries through increasing training opportunities that deliver employment outcomes for our community and support growth and diversity in the State’s economy.

To support Plan for Jobs, from 1 January 2018 the Department is consolidating all customer-facing operations related to training and workforce development into a new program – Jobs and Skills WA.

Many important industry qualifications are subsidised under Jobs and Skills WA, and our investment in training is focused on courses that enable people to gain skills for jobs that are, or will be, in high demand by industries and businesses in Western Australia. Priorities include apprenticeships, eligible traineeships and priority industry qualifications. Foundation skills and equity courses to build literacy, numeracy and employability skills continue to be subsidised, to support people in improving their training and employment outcomes. Additionally, contracting arrangement processes for publicly funded training providers have been streamlined and strengthened under Jobs and Skills WA, to support greater quality training provision and offer enhanced choices to students and employers.

A new Jobs and Skills WA website will launch in 2018 as the main customer-facing portal for all information related to vocational education and training, career development and workforce development. 2018 will also see the establishment of Jobs and Skills Centres which will be located across metropolitan and regional locations, and a number of outreach services. The centres will be a one-stop shop for information, support and services related to training, career development and workforce development. Five metropolitan Jobs and Skills Centres will open between April and June 2018, and centres will be opening progressively in regional areas of Western Australia through 2018–19. Specialist career, training and jobseeker support  will continue to be available in the meantime, through our regional Career Centres and Aboriginal Workforce Development Centres. More information about the new Jobs and Skills WA website and centres will be available early in 2018.

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Page last updated July 28, 2020