New Jobs and Skills Centre to open in Collie

The WA State Government has established a new service to support the transition of Collie workers into new jobs, as the world and local workforce moves away from coal and coal-fired energy production. The initiative is part of an ongoing collaborative effort between the State Government, industry and local community to attract new industries and employment to Collie. The service will support locals to capitalise on unprecedented investment in Collie to diversify the local economy and secure the town’s future through the $60 million Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund and  responds to ideas raised by industry leaders through the Perth and Regional Skills Summits, which emphasised the need for innovative solutions to create regional jobs and diversify regional economies.

The 2022–23 State Budget will provide $4.8 million for the expansion of the Collie Just Transition Plan, supporting the establishment of a new Collie Jobs and Skills Centre (JSC). Funding will also support South Regional TAFE’s appointment of two training transition consultants to a newly established TAFE Transition Team to coordinate the retraining of workers providing free skills assessments and training to affected employees and progress the training element of the Collie Just Transition Plan; working on location with employers, employees and other training providers to help workers upskill or reskill for new jobs.

The service provides a central point from which industry and the community can access practical assistance to make individual and tailored work transitions. A key part of the team’s role is coordinating knowledge and skills assessments and training solutions for workers who are seeking alternative employment or who want to remain with an organisation but require retraining or upskilling.

"My Government is absolutely committed to supporting Collie's economic diversification to create new industrial and blue collar jobs in town." said Premier Mark McGowan. "Through our $662 million Collie Transition Package we will provide opportunities for workers and the community impacted by the retirement of State-owned coal power stations. The package will work to attract new industries and create jobs, provide grants for local businesses, and support new training and career pathways for workers."

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Page last updated February 09, 2024