New resources to support training delivery to secondary students

An updated VET qualifications register for secondary students and an RTO auspicing research tool for schools are now available to help support secondary schools and training providers deliver high quality vocational education and training (VET) to students to help them achieve their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

The register includes industry advice on which VET qualifications and delivery options may contribute to successful student outcomes. It also includes information to help schools and training providers determine if they have the capacity to deliver and assess a qualification to the required industry standards. It has been updated, in consultation with WA industry training councils, to help guide the selection and delivery of VET qualifications to secondary students for the 2019 school year.

The majority of VET delivered to secondary students is through schools auspicing arrangements with training providers. Developed in collaboration with the Western Australian Department of Education and Training Accreditation Council Secretariat, the new RTO auspicing research tool will help schools research and choose suitable training providers to partner with for the delivery of VET programs to their students. The auspicing research tool includes:

  • a focus on VET sector regulatory requirements;
  • a checklist of information that should be included in an auspicing agreement; and
  • links to VET sector resources to help schools easily access this information and understand the sector’s requirements. 

Schools and training providers are encouraged to use the register and auspicing research tool in their decision making processes for the delivery of VET to secondary students.

For more information about the register and/or the RTO auspicing research tool, please contact the Department’s VET policy team by email to

Page last updated January 13, 2020