New! VET qualifications register for secondary students

The Department of Training and Workforce Development, in consultation with the WA industry training councils, has revised and updated the VET qualifications register for secondary students (the register) for the 2020 school year. The new 2020 register includes:

  • industry advice on qualifications and delivery options which may contribute to successful student outcomes; and
  • information to help schools and registered training organisations (RTOs) determine their capacity to deliver and assess a qualification to the required industry standards to improve quality, including advice where auspicing is considered to be high risk.

Flag colours are assigned for each qualification,based on industry’s support for the available delivery options.

  • Green flag – All available delivery options, subject to industry advice, are supported for secondary students.
  • Orange flag – Not all delivery options are supported or industry has concerns about a delivery option. This includes qualifications where industry considers auspicing high risk.
  • Red flag – Qualifications are not supported for delivery to secondary students. Schools and RTOs will be encouraged to offer green or orange flagged qualifications via the supported delivery option(s).

Page last updated July 28, 2020