Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity

Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity is the WA Government’s response to the challenge of focusing the capacity of State Government to deliver better outcomes for all Western Australians. It’s a statement of intent focused on whole-of-government targets that can unlock the potential of our economic, social and environmental future.

WA Government agencies are working together to establish and achieve  key strategic milestones and develop program frameworks for targeted, collaborative and results-driven actions for the following six priorities.





The Department of Training and Workforce Development will contribute to all six target areas, and is playing a key role in three — a strong economy, a bright future, and regional prosperity. Targeted skills development through VET is an important contributor to all of these areas, as is the creation and growth of jobs and the ongoing development of the Western Australian workforce.

We will keep you informed of our progress and how you can get involved, as work continues on the Our Priorities initiative. Please visit dtwd.wa.gov.au/ourpriorities for the latest updates, or follow us on social media.

You can also visit the WA Government website for further information about the Our Priorities program > 

Page last updated July 28, 2020