Pre-apprenticeships update for employers, RTOs, and students

Pre-apprenticeships are a valuable pathway into an apprenticeship program. Vocational education and training (VET) students are able to get hands on work experience in their intended field of study by undertaking a Certificate II level pre-apprenticeship, which offers a pathway to a full apprenticeship, or to employment, through a combination of training and work practice.

In a pre-apprenticeship, the registered training organisation (RTO) works with an employer to ensure the student is able to undertake meaningful tasks that contribute to their workplace skills. In circumstances where a real work placement is not possible, such as due to COVID-19 pandemic closures or where there are safety concerns, the RTO may organise simulated work practice for the pre-apprentice.

The WA Pre-apprenticeship Program Business Rules were recently updated following an extensive consultation with key stakeholders. The updated business rules encourage the use of real work placements with an employer, but also offer flexibility in the work practice component. The new work practice requirements are:

  • a minimum of 150 hours of work practice (previously 50% of the nominal contact hours); and
  • the work practice can be undertaken through work placements, simulated work practice or a combination of both (previously a minimum of 50% of the work practice had to be undertaken in a real workplace).

The new business rules and lists of current pre-apprenticeships are available from our website at

New guide for industry and RTOs

The Department has produced a new guide for industry and RTOs on how to seek approval to establish a new pre-apprenticeship program.

View the new Guide to establishing a pre-apprenticeship pathway at

If you are looking for more information on pre-apprenticeships, please contact the Department’s Apprenticeship and Traineeship Policy team by email at

For secondary school students

A fact sheet explaining the benefits of the pre-apprenticeships in schools program, and a list of pre-apprenticeships in schools courses, are available on the Jobs and Skills WA website at

Page last updated October 07, 2022