State Training Plan 2022—23 released!

The State Training Plan 2022—23 is now released. This plan guides the State Government's investment in the vocational education and training (VET) sector over the next two years, and ensures public investment in VET delivers skills needed by WA industries for future WA jobs.

"As our State's training needs and priorities continue to grow and evolve, it is paramount for our Government to maintain strong links with industries and workforces across WA." says Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery. "Priorities identified in the new State Training Plan will ensure our Government's continuing and unprecedented investment in training initiatives continues to support current workforce needs and prepares us for industries and opportunities of the future."

Led by the industry-backed State Training Board, the plan outlines eight priorities to guide a well-funded, responsive and innovative VET sector that supports the strategic development of the State's industries and the economy.

These eight priorities include:

  1. skills to support WA's economic growth and diversification;
  2. raising the profile of VET across industry and the school system;
  3. growing the proportion of young people who are engaged in VET;
  4. maximising participation in VET;
  5. focusing on regional training solutions;
  6. supporting employment based pathways;
  7. skills to meet the growing demand of WA's Social Assistance and Allied Health workforce; and
  8. enhancing links between WA's industries and the VET sector.

To read the full plan, visit the State Training Board website

Page last updated October 07, 2022