VET to step up for Indonesia’s mining and tourism sector

Asian Engagement Minister Peter Tinley participated in the Indonesia-Australia roundtable talks on Friday 28 June, aimed at improving Western Australia's offering of vocational education and training (VET) in the mining and tourism sector for Indonesia. The talks will be a key driver to supporting the upskilling of Indonesia's workforce through the promotion of VET opportunities.

Indonesian students made up 2.2 per cent (1,121) of WA's international student population in 2018 – the 16th biggest student population by nationality in the State. Increasing the number of Indonesian students will help boost the local economy, create jobs and add to the social and cultural vibrancy of the broader community in WA. WA already contributes up to 40 per cent of Australia's total exports to Indonesia, a key regional and global player forecast to become the world's fourth biggest economy by 2050.

"These roundtable discussions help develop important networks and increase VET opportunities in neighbouring countries.” Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery said. “Encouraging Indonesian students to engage with WA's education service providers will help boost our economy and create jobs."

The roundtable was jointly organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Canberra; the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Perth; the Indonesian Investment Promotion Centre, Sydney; the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre, Sydney; and the Australia Indonesia Business Council. It is anticipated that the March signing of the long-awaited Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) will come under the spotlight during the talks. The IA-CEPA offers new opportunities for Indonesians to receive training from Australian training providers in both Indonesia and Australia, and to grow the number of Indonesian students seeking to study in Australia.

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Page last updated July 28, 2020