WAAMS set to launch on 14 May 2018

On 14 May 2018 the Department of Training and Workforce Development Apprenticeship Office will release a new training record management system, the Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS). WAAMS has an online client portal that will deliver significant benefits, including 24/7 online access to view and manage training contracts and greater flexibility to manage your personal details and/or those of your organisation. For most types of training contract changes, you can submit requests (either individually or in bulk) in the client portal, replacing the current requirement to submit forms via email to the Apprenticeship Office. Where possible, your change requests will be instantly approved.

WAAMS will replace the current Training Record System (TRS) and as a consequence TRS will be decommissioned when WAAMS is released. Additionally, a blackout period will be put in place from 4 pm Wednesday 9 May to 9am Monday 14 May 2018. During this period, the interface between TRS and external systems such as TYIMS and ASRI will be disabled. In addition, no transactions such as training contract registrations or variations will be processed in TRS. You can continue to submit training contract change requests via email to the Apprenticeship Office during the blackout period and they will be processed as soon as WAAMS is released.

The invitation to stakeholders to access the WAAMS client portal will be sent via the following staged process.

  • Stage 1: On Monday 14 May RTOs, AASN providers and employers currently have access to TRS will receive an email invitation for them to create a WAAMS client portal account.
  • Stage 2: On 18 June all other employers with active training contracts who did not receive an invitation in Stage 1 will receive the email invitation.
  • Stage 3: On 9 July apprentices (and guardians if applicable) in an active training contract will receive the email invitation to WAAMS.

Stakeholders in Stage 2 and 3 can continue to submit training contract change requests to the Apprenticeship Office by email until they receive the WAAMS portal invitation.

Please follow the instructions provided in the portal invitation to register as a user and access the portal once the registration process is completed.

A frequently asked questions document providing further information on the WAAMS client portal, including the functionality available to each user group and how to register to use the portal, is available on the Apprenticeship Office website

A series of WAAMS how-to videos are now available on the Apprenticeship Office website. More videos on specific functions and features of the WAAMS client portal will be available in the near future.

The Apprenticeship Office will continue to conduct training sessions following the WAAMS release and all stakeholders are encouraged to attend. Further details of these sessions will be distributed to stakeholders via email and published on the Apprenticeship Office website.

Page last updated November 22, 2019