Youth employment series: Meet Ashwini Bhat

At the Department, we pride ourselves on an inclusive and diverse workforce. Workplace diversity means everyone benefits from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. This leads to a real boost in ideas, skills, and creativity in the workplace.

Part of our workplace diversity involves supporting the career growth of younger Australians. In this series, we meet some of the valued trainees and graduates working at the Department.

Q&A with Ashwini Bhat, graduate

Ashwini joined the Department as a graduate in the Policy, Planning and Innovation directorate.

Aswini 2.jpg

Pictured: DTWD graduate Ashwini Bhat and her dog Rocky

What attracted you to the graduate position at the Department?
I applied to the Graduate Program because it looked like an excellent opportunity to develop my skills in policy and research. Being my first proper job out of university, the idea of completing four, six-month rotations appealed to me because it would provide me with a wide range of experiences and the opportunity to develop connections across the Department. Before applying to the Department, I had been contemplating studying a PhD, however I felt it was important to gain some solid work experience, which I’ve definitely been gaining so far in my time at the Department.

What did you study at university?
I studied a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy and Human Biology, both at the University of Western Australia. During my Masters, I completed a dissertation at Telethon Kids Institute where I studied novel interventions to increase young children’s physical activity. I specifically helped design, implement and analyse a pilot program that explored how dog walking and playing with the family dog could increase both structured and unstructured physical activity in 5–8 year old’s. It was such a fun research project, which really helped expand my knowledge and skills (and increase my GPA! I received a High Distinction for my dissertation).

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?
I have to say Toronto, Canada was amazing in winter! It was exactly like the movies with all the snow and Christmas festivities. But it was bitterly cold too, with temperatures reaching -15 degrees Celsius when I was there! Once borders reopen, I’d love to explore the rest of North America and see the Northern Lights.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I often tell people that I enjoy reading and doing creative things like knitting and baking, but I don’t do these enough. I usually end up spending my time outside of work watching movies and TV shows, hanging out with friends and family, or finding a good café.

What advice would you give to other graduates?
It’s a bit of a cliché but be open to different opportunities and experiences because you never know where they’ll take you!

Page last updated October 07, 2022