Youth employment series: Meet Isabella Tomich

At the Department, we pride ourselves on an inclusive and diverse workforce. Workplace diversity means everyone benefits from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. This leads to a real boost in ideas, skills, and creativity in the workplace.

Part of our workplace diversity involves supporting the career growth of younger Australians.

Q&A with Isabella Tomich, graduate

Isabella joined the Department as a graduate in the Policy, Planning, and Innovation directorate.

Isabella Tomich 2.jpg

Pictured: Isabell Tomich outside the Department's head office, Djookanup

What attracted you to the graduate position at the Department?
The role sounded like an amazing way to get hands-on policy experience, and work on a wide range of projects and tasks. Aside from the career-building benefits, the skills and training sector appealed to me because I know the value of an education and the opportunities it can provide, particularly to more disadvantaged members of our community. Helping to improve the education and employment prospects of people as my job seemed incredibly rewarding and it absolutely has been so far.

What did you study at university?
I completed a Bachelor of Arts at University of Western Australia, majoring in Political Science and International Relations, and Law and Society. After taking a semester off, I moved to Melbourne and completed a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne, with Second Class Honours. I did this degree via coursework rather than completing a thesis, and had a particular focus on counter-terrorism and international diplomacy.

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?
I’ve been pretty fortunate to have done quite a bit of travel throughout my life so far and there are some really amazing places out there. It’s hard to pick just one but I think Paris is my favourite. The Palace of Versailles is technically just outside of Paris but that has to be the best place I’ve ever visited. I’ve been lucky enough to recently do some travel with the Department recently and workwise, Karratha was definitely the best destination. It was a great thing to see the development of a regional town and how far it’s come in the last decade or so.

What do you enjoy doing out of work?
One thing I love about working for the Department is the great work-life balance culture that exists here. I have plenty of time outside of work to pursue the things I enjoy, which I think is important. I love to cook for friends and family and I’m always on the lookout for new recipes, especially anything that involves chocolate. I also spend a lot of time at the beach and dedicate time to volunteering with young disadvantaged children regularly.

What advice would you give to other graduates?
My first and probably most important piece of advice would be to be super organised! It can be hard going from university to full time work and having to balance a lot of different tasks and deadlines, and I find that staying organised with checklists has been great to make sure I am across everything I need to be. My second piece of advice is to be kind to yourself. Nobody expects you to know how to do everything straight away, particularly things you’ve never done before. People are always willing to help and all you need to do is ask.

Page last updated October 07, 2022