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WorldSkills competitions

WorldSkills competitions develop and showcase skills excellence. They aim to raise the status of skilled vocations throughout the world. This global movement has over 75 member countries, that meet every two years to compete in over 50 skills categories.

WorldSkills Australia manages the program across Australia’s thirty regions, with regional competitions held in year one, followed by winners progressing to the national competition in year two. The Department of Training and Workforce Development manages competition activity in Western Australia across five regions, which are:

  • Perth North;
  • Perth South;
  • South West WA;
  • North West WA; and
  • Goldfields.

2019 is a Regional competition year, which means that competitions will be held across Western Australia. Winners from the competitions will be selected to compete as members of Team WA at the National Championship in 2020. For more information about the National Championship, please visit the WorldSkills Australia website.

Skill categories

There are a number of competition skill categories. They are divided into open and VET in Schools levels across a number of industry areas.


How it works

The Department works with TAFEs and private training providers to run competitions in all five regions of Western Australia. The competitions normally take place during the second half of the regional year.

Competition dates are confirmed at different times of the year and are dependent on availability of venues and the minimum number of six competitors being reached. Every competitor is allocated to a region. A competitor’s region is determined by where they live, work or study. In some cases, a competitor may find they could belong to more than one region. In this case, the competition organisers reserve the right to allocate them to a region to ensure there are equal numbers competing.

Entrants can only compete in one regional competition per skill in one year.


Metals and Engineering Competition
Automotive Competition
Cookery Competition
Fashion Technology Competition
Gaming competition
Bricklaying competition
Food and beverage competition
Wall and floor tiling Competition
VETiS Metals and engineering competition
Vehicle painting competition

Entering the competition

Entry to the competition is by application through the WorldSkills team at the Department. As soon as the application date closes (determined by each competition organiser), competitors are sent details of the competition venue and times.

Competitors are sent a competition pack, which contains details of the project tasks and a list of tools to bring on competition day. These will normally be tools of the trade. In the case of the VETiS competitions, tools are usually supplied by the competition organiser.

Most competitions are held at TAFEs or private training providers. Occasionally, competitions may be held at a suitable public event.


To compete in a VETiS regional competition, students must be in year eleven and studying a national VET qualification. VETiS competitors must still be at school to compete at national level the following year.

To compete in an open competition, competitors must be aged 23 or younger. To be age-eligible to compete at regional competition (open level) in 2017, competitors must be born on or after 1 January 1996.

To be age-eligible to compete at national competition (open level) in 2018, competitors must be born on or after 1 January 1996.

For participation at the 46th WorldSkills International competition in 2021 in Shanghai, China, competitors must be born on or after 1 January 1999.


The competition projects

WorldSkills competitions are practical projects aligned to VET training packages.  

At regional level, the competition project runs for a full day and is usually made up of a number of set modules that need to be completed within a set time. The projects are then assessed by judges from training and industry.

Winners receive their results after the projects have been judged with Gold, Silver or Bronze medals presented to the top three performers in each category.

Winners may be selected to join TeamWA at the WorldSkills Australia National Competition the following year.

Autobody repairer

Frequently asked questions

Browse the list below or contact us for further information about WorldSkills competitions in Western Australia.

Is there a competition in my skill?  

Every region can run as many or as few categories of competition as they want during regional year, but there must be a minimum of six competitors to make the competition valid. Check the competition timetable or contact us to find a competition in your area.

What if there is no competition in my skill/area?

If there is no competition in your region, or that competition is full then you may be able to join another region’s competition. Contact us for details.

How do I enter the competition?

Most competitors enter through their training provider, applying through their lecturer in their skill area, but you can also contact us directly for information on how to apply.

I am qualified. Can I still enter a WorldSkills competition?

Yes you can compete at open level if you are qualified, as long as you meet the age entry requirements. This is also the case if you are selected for TeamWA following your result regional level before you qualify, but finish training before the national competition.

I am unemployed. Can I still compete?

Yes you can compete at open level, as long as you meet the age entry requirements.

I am in year twelve. Can I compete at VETiS level?
You must be in year eleven to compete in VETiS competitions so that you are able to progress to the national VETiS competition the following year. 

In certain cases, we will allow year twelve students to compete, but they can not progress to the national competition and priority is always given to year eleven students.

I am in year ten. Can I compete at VETiS level?
There is nothing to stop you competing at VETiS level, however as the competitions are aligned to training package competencies generally studied at year eleven, you may require some additional training.
I am in year twelve. Can I compete at open level?

There is nothing to stop you competing at open level, however as the competitions are aligned to training package competencies and are generally aimed at around Certificate III level, you may require some additional training.

Please note, you may need to be 18 to progress through to the WSA National Competition in certain categories (eg in restaurant service, due to the service of alcohol).

Can I compete more than once?
You can compete in more than one skill category, especially if the skills cross over. For example; you can enter a region’s competition in fitting and the region’s competition in turning.

You cannot enter a skill category more than once, so you cannot enter one region’s turning competition and then enter turning in a different region in the same year.

As long as you are age eligible, you can continue to compete. Many competitors start off as VETiS competitors, then progress through to the open categories. 

You can also compete more than once at national level, as long as you are successful in the regional competition in the preceding year and age-eligible.

Why does the age eligibility drop for International competition?

The international competition is three years after the regional competition and competitors must still not be older than 22 in the year they compete, according to international rules. The age limit for international competition is set by WorldSkills International, aggregating across all the member countries.WorldSkills Australia sets the upper limit for regional and national competition and they allow progression as far as national level up to the age of 23. 

WorldSkills Australia currently runs a BBM Skilled futures program that some successful competitors can apply to do, if they are not eligible for an international competition pathway.


TeamWA national results

Winners from regional competitions may get the opportunity to represent their State as members of TeamWA at the WorldSkills Australia national competition. The competition is held every two years and moves between states. 

National competition projects are completed over three days and the winners are announced at the closing ceremony. The event features approximately 500 competitors from around Australia in over 50 skill areas.

In 2014, The WorldSkills Australia National Competition was held in Perth. You can view highlights of the competition on the video below.



TeamWA 2018 winners

The 2018 WorldSkills Australia National Competition was held in Sydney. Team WA  excelled with 21 medals won, and 11 of 17 of Team WA's secondary schools students winning the VETiS Shield,a prestigious trophy previously only won by New South Wales since it was created in 2001.

VETiS competitions, VETiS categor names and the VETiS Shield are terms used by WorldSkills Australia, who own and operate the competition program.

2018 WorldSkills Team WA VET in Schools National Championships results

Name Category Medal School
Michael McLevie VETiS Business services Gold St Norbert College
Matthew Hodges VETiS Information technology Gold St Norbert College
Caitlin Budd VETiS Electrotechnology Bronze Karratha Senior High School
Kaleb Milsom VETiS Metals and engineering Gold CBC Fremantle
Josh Semper VETiS Metals and engineering Bronze Gilmore College
Anne Kyla Bautista VETiS Commercial cookery Gold South Fremantle SHS
Brandi Burnett VETiS Food and beverage Gold Pinjarra SHS
Jasmin Fussell VETiS Food and beverage Silver Cape Naturalist College
Sophie Morgan VETiS Food and beverage Bronze Eaton Community College
Nathan Barclay VETiS Construction Bronze Ellenbrook Secondary College
Caitlin Carmody VETiS Hairdressing Gold Bunbury Catholic College

2018 WorldSkills Team WA National Championships Results

Name Category Medal Training
Nikolas Foster Bricklaying Gold South Regional TAFE Dale Alcock Homes
Kevin Dirks Cabinetmaking Silver South Regional TAFE Glen Holst Furniture
Brittany Ellery Floristry Bronze South Metropolitan TAFE Tesselaar
Anthony Musca Graphic design technology Bronze North Metropolitan TAFE Pelican Manufacturing
Cameron Lennox Heavy vehicle mechanics Silver South Metropolitan TAFE Cunninghams AG Services
Terah-Jade Cross Painting and decorating Gold MPS Skills Pretl and Williams
Nicholas Lozanovski Painting and decorating Silver MPA Skills Relianz Handworks
Mark Quattrini Plumbing Silver MPA Skills Tital Plumbing & CIvil
Angie Zhang Retail baking – Pastry Bronze South Metropolitan TAFE Corica Pastries
Matthew Dempsey Sheetmetal work Bronze North Metropolitan TAFE Reidoz Engineering

TeamWA 2016 medal winners

The 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition  was held in Melbourne. TeamWA won 27 medals in total, breaking all previous records. See the table below, or view a complete list of Western Australia's medal results from previous national competitions. 


Gold medal

Dusti-lee Franchi Vehicle painting (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Nicholas Johnston Cabinetmaking (South Regional TAFE)
Michael Ingram     Painting and decorating (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Chris Williamson Graphic design technology (North Metropolitan TAFE)
Brody Young-Steedman Cookery (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Jason Nesbitt Jewellery (North Metropolitan TAFE)
Courtney Huyerman VETiS Cookery (Safety Bay Senior High School)
Thomas Pratt VETiS Metals and engineering (Gilmore College)


Thomas Pratt, gold medal winner, VETiS Metals and engineering.

Silver medal

Amy Brown, silver medal winner, Floristry
Damien Kleyn Autobody repair (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Simon Nelissen Heavy vehicle (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Conrad Yeeles Bricklaying (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Luke Brown Plumbing (MPA Skills)
Amy Brown Floristry (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Hayley Allen  Restaurant service (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Ben Halsall Turning (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Taylor Samson Wall and floor tiling (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Brandon Gathercole VETiS Food and beverage (Hamilton Senior High School)
Teisha Pink VETiS Tourism (Kolbe Catholic College)



Bronze medal

Cameron Lennox Heavy vehicle (South Metropolitan TAFE)
John Pattrick Electrical installation (Central Regional TAFE)
Paul Lampert Painting and decorating (MPA Skills)
Sarah Tassone Hairdressing (South Regional TAFE)
Sallie Brittain Cookery (South Regional TAFE)
Elliot Thorpe Plastering (South Metropolitan TAFE)
Will Trundle VETiS Automotive services (Ocean Reef Senior High School)
Stuart Fisher VETiS Business services (Shenton College)
Kennedy Sorrell VETiS Carpentry (CBC Fremantle)
Sarah Tassone, bronze medal, Hairdressing

Skills Squad and Skillaroos

A number of Western Australians have been selected to represent Australia at international competition as members of the Skillaroos. Skillaroos are recruited first to the Skills Squad and need to meet a number of training targets to secure their place on the team.

Following the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National competition, three Western Australians were successful in winning a place as members of the Skillaroos to compete at the 44th WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi, 2017. They represented Australia in the following categories.

Name International skill category
Dusti-lee Franchi Car painting
Nicholas Johnston Cabinet making 
Alex Schmidt 3D Digital game art (demonstration category)


There is currently one international expert from Western Australia.

Brendan Hibbert  Graphic design technology

The Skillaroos and their experts travelled to Abu Dhabi to compete at the 44th WorldSkills Australia International Competition which was held from 14–19th October 2017. The next international competition will be held in Kazan, Russia, in 2019. More information can be found by visiting the WorldSkills Australia website.

Previous international competitors

Western Australia's Skillaroos from previous competitions can be found in the following table.

Year  Name International skill category Result
2017 Dusti-lee Franchi Car painting Medallion for excellence
  Nick Johnston Cabinet making Medallion for excellence
  Alex Schmidt 3D Digital game art  


Joseph Pauley Industrial mechanic millwright Silver
  Sharlene Kidd Painting and decorating Ern MacDonald Fellowship* 
2013 Tayron Scagnetti Jewellery Silver
  Alan Ramsden Bricklaying Medallion for excellence 
  Jessamy Mooney Hairdressing Medallion for excellence
2011 Alexis Scott Hairdressing Bronze
  Natalie Hibbins Jewellery Medallion for excellence
  Jake Hall Wall and floor tiling Medallion for excellence

Western Australia has one previous international expert:

Ron Simeon Wall and floor tiling

A full list of previous Skillaroos is available on the WorldSkills Australia website.
*The Ern MacDonald Fellowship is awarded through a competitive process to WorldSkills Australia National Competition medal winners in construction categories.  


Contact us

For general information about WorldSkills, visit the WorldSkills Australia website. If you have questions about WorldSkills Competitions in Western Australia, you can contact us: 

by phone:

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You can also follow us on social media and the WorldSkills WA blog, which is updated with occasional news stories.


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